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The co-founders of SprachJet are linguists who worked with native speakers. We are able to keep our highly skilled and experienced faculty because of this expertise. We developed methods of instruction that are assisting our students in developing strong language skills. Our instructional strategies and social infrastructure set us apart from the competition.

For your language learning journey, SprachJet provides a well-designed studio setup, a mobile app, digital books, and much more.

Why SprachJet


The translation of the books alone won’t help you master the language, so we focus on interactive classes and unique methods that will help you gain proficiency.

Our Mission


We are dedicated to providing top-notch language learning courses that help our students speak their chosen language fluently and efficiently.

Our Visions


Commitment to providing access to learning a foreign language for everyone, regardless of their circumstances, background, or location, and to assist them in achieving their goal.

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Meet our Team

Shaitan Singh Rathore
Jitendra Singh Rathore
Gayatri Varma
Arun Varma
Mahendra Singh Rathore
Himanshu Vidrohi
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